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BS Round 1
BS Round 1
The fleet arrives to the planet. Dahc, along with a few GP Soldiers were on board. The ships engines start up and launch towards the planet
Dahc: seems my opponent is a human named Rory. Seems simple. But things aren't what they seem to appear
Pilot: 30 seconds
GP Captain: we got a frigit in place to pick up any of ur opponents u eliminate
Dahc: make sure to pick me up if I die
GP Captain: yes sir
The ship lands on the surface of the planet. Dahc gets out and looks around. He knows they're being watched
Dahc: return to the fleet. It's going to be a while
The transport launches bak to the fleet and Dahc starts to move out. As time goes by, the more his defense is increase. A stick breaks not far from him
Dahc:........ *pulls out his machetes* I know ur there
Rory: *comes out* ur my opponent?? Come on, I wanted a challenge
Dahc: wats a human doing so far from Earth?? Doesn't matter, it's time to die
Rory: this is going to be fun~ *he takes out his revolvers and open fire at da
:icongpleader:GPLeader 1 4
Bloodsport ref
Name: Dahc
Age: unknown
Occupation: GP cannibal hunter
Relationship: Rose
Height: 5'10"
Weapon of choice: machetes
Species: irken hybrid
Strength: his skill with a blade
Weakness: re occuring visions of his past
Personality: aggressive, couragous, focused
Bio: Dahc, formerly known as the prince of darkness, use to be a psychotic cannibal himself. Eventually, the voices in his head was removed and made him sane. He dedicated his life to hunt every cannibal out there while performing his duties for his twin brothers empire. Dahc was born by a holy spirit and a human girl. The holy apirit, his father, was known as the blue spirit. Dahc's machetes have been blessed by God to help wash away his sins and cleanse evil to help him coop with wat he has done in the past. He hopes that he can fix wat he has broken
:icongpleader:GPLeader 1 0
Bloodsport entry
Dahc walked into his brothers office to meet his brother, Chad, The emperor of the GP Empire. He notices that Chad was angry for some reason
Dahc: the fuck is wrong with u??
Chad: it's the irken empire. They're hosting another dam blood sport. Fucking psychos
Dahc: the blood sport is bak!?!? Dude.... I need to enter
Chad: u can't be serious
Dahc: the grand prize is wat they desire. The desire I want is the liberation of Vort or them to hand us over 20 of their top generals, including the bastard general Evix
Chad: have u forgotten ur GP now?? They might capture u or even kill u the second they have the chance
Dahc: u know me, I can take them on
Chad: and the people u kill won't have a warrant here in the GP Empire of they r criminqls.... unless it's.... nevermind
Dahc: I'll leave small beacons to every person I kill. That way, ur troops can pick them up and take them to the temple to be resurrected
Dahc: this is something I need to do
Chad: this is blood sport. Just a way
:icongpleader:GPLeader 2 2
Uh by GPLeader Uh :icongpleader:GPLeader 1 2 Rare police car gta online by GPLeader Rare police car gta online :icongpleader:GPLeader 3 0


Batman Arkham Knight did these riddles made by the Riddler. when u solve them, u get a little story. I decided to do one of the final fight between 2 great empires. good vs evil, light vs dark, GP vs Irken

this is my 1st attempt at such stories ._. I suggest listening the song at the bottom of this very short story

this takes place perhaps 2-4 decades?? since the beginning of the war. and the war is about to end:

it was time. after a long, bloody war. year after year, planet after planet, defeat after defeat.... victory after victory. the Grand Armada of the GP Empire, and the fleet of the Resisty's. united for the purpose of the invasion of Irk, the last stronghold of the Irken Empire. the leaders of the assault. prepare for the invasion of the planets surface. it was a time the leaders of the alliance have been waiting for. but there were no happy thoughts. they knew the imperial irken people would take up arms to defend their planet from forces who wish to stop their lust for power

"its happening" the GP Emperor Chad says while looking out through the glass of the bridge. "after many years of fighting. a trillion lives taken by irken imperialists. and millions of good soldiers dying for this moment, we can finally bring justice and freedom to the universe"

"yes. it is time. I always hoped to come bak to this planet. gun in hand and ready to take down its empire" head general Cody said, cocking his shotgun "its a dream come true"

Lard Nar looks at the emperor "wat r we waiting for?? the irken empire betrayed and enslaved my people. it time for revenge"

"we wait for Rodney. he will tell us when the troop transports r ready" the emperor replies

eventually, Rodney walks in

"its time. the troops r ready, the planets automatic defenses r down, and the bombers have taken out the imperial military bases"

Chad turns around and looks at him

"we r ready, majesty" Rodney says

"is any man ready to give the order that will mean the deaths of many??" he confesses

"very few, emperor. but ur one of them. u know we need to do this in order to save the universe" Rodney reminds

Lard Nar "we have been doing this for too long. my men await with anticipation"

Chad sighs and gives the planet one last look before he starts walking towards the hanger "its time. remember, their armada destroyed, the tallests captured, now, only General Evix stands in the way of total victory. lets go"

the leaders go to the hanger and get on board the troop transports. they get the all clear from High Admiral Vix. and the transports launch towards the planets surface. the moment the alliance has been waiting for has finally come. they know, many of the GP and resistance soldiers will not be coming bak from this. it will be the bloodiest battle of the war. but even if the planet falls, if Irken Imperial General Evix escapes, there will still be a spark of hope for the irken imperialists of universal domination. they must not fail in his capture

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A black man tried to get into a cafe.
The white man said: "Colored people are not allowed here."
The black man turned around and stood up. He then said:
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When I grew up I was BLACK.
When I'm sick I'm BLACK.
When I go in the sun I'm BLACK.
When I'm cold I'm BLACK.
When I die I'll be BLACK."
He took a pause.
"But you sir." He continued.
When you are born you're PINK.
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When you're sick, you're GREEN.
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And when you die you turn PURPLE.
And you have the nerve to call me colored?"
The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away...

Put this on your page if you hate RACISM, just like I do.

Thank you all for your time, and please consider the messages above. :heart:

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